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Das Parkhotel

Repurposed Concrete Pipe Hotel

I love the simplicity in this idea of repurposing concrete pipes for accommodation. Obviously it would have good insulating properties and thermal mass, but I guess this would be affected by the door itself and how well insulated/sealed it would be. Still, the idea of buying some land with a few of these situated around your house sounds appealing to me, especially because their use would be endless really (home office, music room etc).


5 Responses to Das Parkhotel

  1. Allybelle08 says:

    What a great idea! An interesting design challenge, too – getting it all to work with the rounded floor and walls. Amazing.

  2. Love this idea! How is it that these are recycled? They don’t look like they’ve been in the ground. ?
    The music room idea is a good one. When I wanted to learn french horn my father told me i’d have to practise in the shed, far away from the house! (I decided to learn flute instead.)

  3. admin says:

    From what I can tell in my research these are old pipes that were repurposed as accommodation, all dirt removed of course :)

  4. admin says:

    He he I can totally sympathise with learning an instrument as a kid, mine was drums and it did not last long in the house :)

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